What is your name? What do you sell? What is your product like? And you?

Answering all these questions is easy with a consistent corporate image for your business. Together with a good interior design project, the graphic identity of an enterprise can define it within the market and the customer’s mind. It must be clear, practical, consistent and unique, as well as reflect the goals, values ​​and objectives of the brand. Furthermore, it must be an image with personality.

What does a company’s visual image consist of?

The core of a visual image must be consistent within the business. In JOIN we consider all its elements and adapt it to different branches of media. We work with your name, logo, slogan and brochure whether our role is to create a new look or simply an adaptation of a pre-established image.

What do we work on?

  • Your name and verbal brand identity if you have not yet defined it.
  • The logo, coordinating different elements and compositions. We create variations so the client has a wider range of options.
  • Implementation of the product image, corporate stationery both for contact with customers (business cards, flyers, newsletters …) and business support products (bags, price charts, uniform …)
  • Matching the brand graphics for interior and facade (decals, backlit displays …)

How do we do it?

  • Logo:
  • We collect all necessary information from the client to study a coherent and comprehensive proposal.
  • We make two proposals to the client so they have the possibility to choose their preferred option.
  • Once the proposal chosen by the client, we work on perfecting it according to specifications and finally present the logo on a model.
  • Completion and delivery of the logo in a format that allows the client to manage the corporate stationery and other accessories if desired.
  • Corporate stationery and accessories
  • Once the logo is designed, or if we use the one already designed by the client, we design all types of accessories from business cards to flyers, price cards etc. Once complete, we provide the customer with the corporate image on the media they have indicated.